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Meet Mr. Lieberman

I have been teaching for over 10 years and I have been at FlexTech Schools since 2013. I currently teach English and World Humanities. I have a B.A. from Eastern Michigan University in English Language Arts with a minor in history and a secondary teaching endorsement. I also have a M.A. from EMU in literature. My other roles and responsibilities include Advisor, English Department Chair, Vanguard, Instructional Leadership Team member, Writers' Night Event Coordinator, and Robotics Team Mentor. My passions in teaching include project based learning, standards based assessment, student-centered curriculum, and activity systems at the class, school, and district-wide levels. Currently, I am pursuing a fellowship through the KnowledgeWorks program where I will be collaborating with other educators nationally to coach and facilitate student-centered learning. 
I am a father of two beautiful and energetic girls who normally occupy a lot of my time away from school. We enjoy doing many activities together as a family like going to the Detroit Zoo, Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, the Park, or just staying at home playing on our Nugget (A cool kids couch you can take apart and build with). When I do get some free time I enjoy to lift weights, jump rope, swim, or any other exercise found in a Rocky training montage. I also like to get out for a hike now and then to just disconnect from all the technology and be alone with my thoughts. I enjoy watching football, reading, and just learning new things. 
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Joe Lieberman
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