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Career Pathway Advisory Board

The FlexTech Brighton Pathway Advisory Board serves to support our students as they pursue career options.  The Advisory Board is comprised of industry professional who meet monthly to help increase career readiness by providing awareness, exposure and experience opportunities. 
  1. Collaborate with the academy to prepare students for success in college and careers
  2. Review academy data
    1. Post-secondary enrollment rate
    2. Internship rates
    3. Job shadowing opportunities
  3. Provide teachers with curriculum support and professional development
  4. Assist students with classroom projects
  5. Provide students with a sequence of work-based learning experiences, including paid internships, based on the academy work-based learning plan
  6. Serve as advocates for the academy
  7. Provide and solicit financial support from the community to ensure academy sustainability.
Mailing Address:
C & B Machinery
55397 Lyon Industrial Dr
New Hudson, MI 48165