Covid-19 Updates

FlexTech Community:
Please check this page often for updates on the impact Covid-19 will have on schools.  We will update this page as information becomes available and decisions are made.  We appreciate your patience as we work to create a safe and equitable educational experience for all of our students.
Phase 2 - Interim Remote Learning Plan Announced for FlexTech:

On March 13th the school closed to students and we launched phase one of our transition to distance learning.  During this phase, staff has been available to assist students and provide feedback with any previously assigned assignments and projects.  Our advisors also scheduled check-ins with their advisees to see how they were doing. We have also been working to determine the technological access of our students.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, we will transition to phase two of our transition plan.  During this phase, we will roll out more structured schedules, protocols and expectations for communications.  Teachers will be sharing recommended assignments which students can complete to keep up with making progress towards mastery.  We will have routine office hours for each subject area and advisory.
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Technology Access:
As a proactive step, we are asking students and parents to please complete this form so that we can monitor technology needs.  As we look to support all of our students during this time outside of school, we need to determine what our students need to be successful.  We are asking ALL FlexTech students to complete this form.  Please update your information if anything changes.
Recommendations for Students for March 16 - March 27:
We are recommending that all students use this time to catch up and get ahead on their coursework.  Your advisors will be reaching out to you directly with their support plans for communication.  They want to make sure that you're doing well academically, emotionally, and physically.  They will be providing support to you individually to help you catch up on missing assignments from the current and previous semesters.  Your content teachers will also be reaching out to you with recommendations as to how you can best spend your time.  If you need support with accessing material, please reach out to your advisor or teachers.
This is an excellent time to finish those incomplete assignments.  We hope to see you all soon!
Safety and Precautions:
We are doing all that is recommended to sanitize our building during this shut down.  All Michigan schools are taking directives from the CDC and Governor Whitmer and must follow the strictest precautions to keep students, staff, and families safe. Additionally, all staff members will follow guidelines set by the CDC, Federal and Local government, and health officials to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Lastly, students will be encouraged to practice similar preventive strategies upon their return.  As we receive more information we will update families via alma notifications, newsletters, and website updates.
Social and Emotional Wellness
We want our families to consider the impact that these events may have social and emotional wellbeing.  Please read more about the indicators of emotional stress and what you can do to support yourself or your student here:
Latest Official Communication
Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. The latest information is available at 
Helpful Resources
Food Resource
The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is pleased to announce that an online map has been developed for families to find locations where meals are being provided during this period of school closure. The map can be found at: and will be updated twice each day during the closure period.
Internet Networks Offering Free or Reduced-Price Options
Comcast and Charter Spectrum have both announced that they are opening up their wireless HotSpots for free to the general public. Additionally, both Comcast and Charter Spectrum are offering free internet for 60 days for qualifying families. Lastly, some wireless providers have removed their data limits during this time. Please check with your wireless provider to see if they are removing their data limits. (information shared with permission from LESA)