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National Honor Society

The National Honor Society has 4 pillars that all members must uphold.
- All NHS members must uphold the principles of morality & ethics, be a student advocate, demonstrate honesty, compassion, concer & reliability in all aspects of their life. 
- All NHS members must attain a 3.0 or high GPA for the duration of their membership.
- All NHS members must exemplify the characteristics of a good leader (resourceful, dependable, positive, and acts as a mediator).
- All NHS members must complete at minimum 20 hours of community service.
If you believe that you or your child qualifies for the National Honor Society please reach out and contact the adviser or the head of the council. 
NHS Constitution
Below is the constitution of the National Honor Society.
Ms. Aleshire
Head of the Council:
Ms. McKenney
Council Members:
Mrs. Combs
Mrs. Halling
Mr. Jones
Ms. Urban