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Meet Mr. Davis

My name is Mr. Davis, I'm a new math teacher here at FlexTech, and I am very excited to get to know all of the wonderful students and community members here at FlexTech.  I love learning about new topics and building my own understanding of the world, and I hope to be able to share my curiosity with my students and work together on some amazing projects.  What makes me passionate about math is the fact that by understanding mathematical principles, we can recognize and better understand the different relationships in our world and how things work together, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Outside of school,  I am really into cooking new recipes, listening to new music, and learning about new topics.  I'll admit I can get bored pretty easily, so I am always looking for the next discovery that I can dive into and learn more about.  In the past few years I have spent some time learning and working on car repair, knitting, playing the synthesizer, skateboarding, making clothing, pixel art, board games, running, camping, sticker-bombing, and lots more.  So if you've got something cool that you're into, I would love to learn about it together!