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Meet Ms. Gunderson

My name is Emily Gunderson, and I am a new math teacher at FlexTech High School. I graduated from Calvin University in Grand Rapids. I majored in math and secondary education, and minored in statistics. Last year, I had a great experience teaching high school math in Grand Rapids. One reason I am so passionate about math is because the skills you use when learning math will help you in the real world, such as thinking systematically about an idea.

I am excited to teach at FlexTech High School because the subjects you learn in school are not independent of each other. I am excited to teach the students how projects need math, but also other subjects. Multiple subjects come together to create even better projects. FlexTech is a very unique school, and I look forward to working with students, learning about their interests and showing them how math skills can be applied to real world situations through projects.

Outside the classroom, I have been a swimmer since I was about 7 years old, all the way up through college. I enjoy singing, and can even beatbox. I also play the piano, and am now learning how to play the ukulele. I love taking pictures, especially of nature. I also love to go camping, hiking and seeing all the beauty around us.