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Meet Ms. Reefer

Hola, my name is Lacey and I’ll be the new Spanish teacher at FlexTech High School this year. I fell in love with Spanish ‘officially’ (I say officially because I’m not counting my love for Latin American food that started prior to this) when I was in eighth grade. I continued Spanish throughout all of high school where I also played 4 years of varsity basketball, softball and formed part of PPI (Positive Peer Influence). After graduating from Waterford Kettering, I decided to go to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan to be closer to nature. Here I studied a secondary education degree majoring in Spanish and minoring in English and biology. I loved going to college here because here I could do some of my favorite activities…(of course only after studying that is) like biking, snowboarding, longboarding, camping, hiking, going to the beach and much much more. This is where I signed up for my first study abroad experience; I went to Valencia, Spain for 3 months to study Spanish poetry, literature, cinema and grammar. Following this, I went to Peru for 4  months to do my student teaching. I loved being able to incorporate teaching, Spanish and travel all into one. 

Shortly after graduation from NMU, I decided the adventure was still not over and I decided to move to Spain and get certified to teach English as a foreign language and I have been living there for the past 7 years. During this time I completed my Masters degree in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, taught a wide array of students from many different backgrounds and settings and discovered new hobbies like doing pottery, macrame gardening and cooking. After experiencing learning and teaching through so many different perspectives, I am so excited to move back to my hometown area and form part of the FlexTech family. I know that through project based learning Spanish can be an authentic, enriching and exciting experience that will get you ready for real world situations. ¡Vamos!