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I was born in Michigan and raised Up-North in a little town called Alpena. I grew up loving all outdoor activities because I lived on a dirt road which felt like the middle of nowhere. I spent a lot of time playing in the woods, swimming, sledding and camping. I love being surrounded by nature and not being able to hear a single car go by. One night I even remember seeing the Northern Lights right above my house. In seventh grade we moved to a little tourist town called Petoskey. In high school I spent most of my time playing sports such as basketball, softball and volleyball and skied in the winter. 
After graduating from college I decided that I wanted to move to a tropical island, but I could only get as far as Washington State. Which surprisingly was an amazing place to live. Nothing but beautiful landscapes with mountains and rivers filled with endless outdoor activities. The ocean is super cold but filled with extraordinary creatures. This is where I saw my first orca whale. It was also my first time living so close to a huge city. Seattle is filled with culture, fun activities and sporting events. Three years later I made it to Maui, Hawaii and I was never planning on leaving. I spent 10 wonderful years there exploring the jungles, scuba diving, snorkeling, learning to surf and bodyboard. I love the ocean. I became a beach volleyball player, picked up playing the ukulele and guitar and all around just had a blast. This is also the place that I met my husband and we now have two amazing little boys.
What I have learned so far from my journey is that I must not take for granted; where I am, who I am with, or what the day may offer because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Everyday has a new and fun experience to offer if you have the mindset to go out and look for it! 
  • National Board Certified Teacher
  • Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction
    American College of Education, Chicago, Illinois
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership
      City University of Seattle, Bellevue, Washington
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, December 2004
      Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan
       Biology, General Science