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2022 Summer School Information

Our 5-week summer session will run from 6/15-7/14. The program is available to current FlexTech students only. Students are required to attend Tuesday Virtually 10AM-Noon and Wednesday-Thursday in person from 9AM-Noon until the end of the summer session or until they've completed their courses.  Summer School will be for students completing Incomplete courses from previous semesters and/or for students completing new courses online only. We strongly encourage you to speak with your advisor before signing up for Summer School.

Current FlexTech Students may enroll in up to 3 classes.  The cost is $100 per incomplete course (from a previous semester) and $125 for a new course (max 2 new courses). If a course needed is not on the list as an option, it may not be available for credit during summer school, so please look at the course offerings before making a final decision about enrollment.  We will offer the following classes/programs this summer:

  • Civics 
  • Economics
  • ELA 9-12
  • Health
  • Lang/Comp (ELA 11 or 12 Credit)
  • Math 1, 2, and 3
  • Personal Finance
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • STEM 1, 2, or 3
  • US or World Humanities

Attendance is required unless excused by a parent. Students who fail to attend are at risk of being dropped from summer school.

  • Once a student completes a course, they will not be required to attend for the remainder of summer school.


Registration deadline is Friday, 5/27.  Payment and the form (below) are due at time of registration.