What happens on Flex days?
Students have the choice to attend their classes in person or remotely on flex days.
If students choose to attend in person, they will follow their bell schedule like a normal school day.
If students choose to attend virtually on Flex Days, they will be expected to attend every class virtually in its entirety for the full school day.  Students will find links to join Google Meet or Zoom through Google Classroom.
What will learning look like on remote days?
It is our goal that students won't need to sit in front of a computer for an entire school day on remote learning days.
Students will be required to check-in virtually via zoom or Google Meet with their teachers for all of their classes by signing up for a one-on-one or small group appointment.  These appointments will vary be teacher depending on teacher schedules.

We don’t have reliable Internet access right now. How is my student supposed to complete their work from home? 

We recognize that this may be a barrier that some of our students face.  We are encouraging families to follow up with the resources on our Covid-19 site for internet access.  Please reach out to for more support.  Please also know that work assigned during phase 2 is recommended, but not required.


Should we move to phase 3 of full-time distance learning, we will work with all of our families to ensure that every student has working technology and internet.  Please complete this form so that we are aware how we can assist.

What will happen on Fridays?
Fridays will look a bit different this year.  Our school building will be closed for deep cleaning.
Students enrolled in the fully virtual program will meet with their advisors by appointment between noon and 1PM.
All students will be able to attend VIRTUAL drop in hours with their teachers between 1 and 3PM for support.  Students can find the links and times for drop in hours in Google Classroom.
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