FlexTech Fundraising

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Current Needs - Outdoor Seating:
FlexTech is hoping to create more outdoor seating spaces for our students for lunch time.  If you or a friend have a picnic table or patio set in decent condition, we would love to add them to our outdoor seating options.  Please contact [email protected] for more information. 
Previous Fundraisers:

Donors Choose - Thanks to the donations of friends and family of the FlexTech network and the generosity of complete strangers, Donors Choose has helped us to fund new Filming Equipment, a Field Trip to Detroit, and a New Camera for our Yearbook Club.

College Tailgate - Thank you to everyone who donated food and time for our college tailgate. It was a great start to our college month activities. Events like this are possible because of your donations and are so appreciated!

Senior and Family Photos - Thank you to all of the families and seniors who came out to get their pictures taken.  A big thank you goes to Mrs. Combs and Ms. Merwin for donating their time and their skills to ensure that 100% of the proceeds went to FlexTech.  This event earned $550 for our school.

Community Dinner - Thank you to Kenny Wazz BBQ for donating food for our dinner. This event raised nearly $3000. The funds were use to provide food licensing to our culinary arts department and provided the school with a new sound system for performances and events.

Shoparoo - Thank you to all parents who submitted their receipts to Shoparoo. This campaign raised over $50 for our school activities.