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About Me

Hi, I'm Ms. Hemmer! This is my third year at FlexTech teaching mostly upper level math classes.
Some things to know about me:
  • I'm originally from Oslo, Norway. I miss the mountains sometimes, but I really love living in Michigan and consider it home!

  • I originally got a degree in math and physics, and then went back to college to get certified for secondary education almost ten years later

  • In those years in between, I was a mostly full time athlete with some part time teaching jobs. I retired from that career after making it to the 2014 Olympics and moved on to full time education

  • I still love sports and the outdoors, and will head out to hike, run, skate, mountain bike or camp whenever I get the chance
My goal as an educator is to make math and science accessible to all students and set them up for success, whatever their goals are.

Students and parents, please contact me if you ever have questions!