COVID Safety Precaution Reminders: We're in this together!

We recognize that we've been following these COVID protocols for a while, and while much progress has been made, we're not through this yet.  Now more than ever, it is critical that we follow these protocols to limit the spread.
1) Fill out this form EVERY DAY that you come to the school building (remember: you must be logged into your FlexTech email)
2) Masks are required to cover your nose and mouth at all times in the building.
3) 6 feet social distancing should be maintained whenever possible.  When 6 feet is not possible, 3 feet is acceptable for a few minutes.
4) Your mask may be removed during lunch, but only while eating or drinking, and 6 foot social distancing is required at that time.
5) Wash your or sanitize your hands frequently.  Hand sanitizer is located outside of each classroom.  Use soap and water before and after eating.
We're counting on everyone to do your part so that all students can feel safe when learning at FlexTech.