Mock Interviews are set to take place in February

Mock Interviews at FlexTech are designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience a legitimate interview experience in a lower-stakes environment. Many students have not had an interview in their life as of yet and -- for those that have -- they have likely been for entry level positions. The mock interviews at FlexTech are intended to provide a more professional interview and help students to obtain experience:

  • Representing themselves in a professional environment

  • Answering interview questions

  • Asking questions in an interview

Additionally, the intention is to guide students to refine their interests and focus as they make steps toward their future through participating in the mock interview process. Any spaces you can sign up for is helpful as we are trying to provide a diversity of opportunities for students to engage with different professions.

We will provide you with guided questions and an evaluation sheet for each student interview you complete. Interviews can be completed virtually if necessary.

Here is the sign up genius. Interviews run from 2/11 - 2/20 and are all organized in 30 minute increments from 9:30 a.m -3 p.m.

We appreciate your time and hope you will be able to participate!